Great Road Biking Options In Maui

Maui is known as the ‘Valley Isle’ – and for good reason. Its steep peaks and lush valleys draw an average of around 2.5 million visitors per year who come to enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the Hawaain island, as well as its fabulous natural beauty. An increasing number of cyclists are now also joining the throngs of tourists who flock to its shores. these include mountain biking enthusiasts – but also bikers who want to explore the wonders of the smooth, well maintained and above all scenic roads that meander across the island.

There are a number of great road biking routes that run across the island. For those who are interested in exploring Maui on two wheels here are some great options.

One of the best road biking routes on the island is the North Shore Greenway. The route runs for 1.7 miles and is an easy ride om mostly flat roads, making it ideal for those who want to explore at a leisurely pace without setting aside hours. For those who want to extend their experience, they can add another 1.6 miles to the route by adding the quiet and sedate roads of the Kaunoa Senior Center.

In South Maui, the coastal road between Polo Beach Park and Ahihi Kinau Preserve makes for an ideal 5.9-mile excursion. At this end of the trip, riders will enjoy some exceptional ocean views, as well as get to experience the remains of Maui’s last lava flow. The beauty of this ride is that it offers plenty of opportunities to take a walk on the beach en route and perhaps take a cooling dip.

Maui is an island filled with wonder and the road biking opportunities just beg for some time off to explore. So pack up your bike, grab your gear and head out to paradise.