Temporary Museum for New Design 2014


Anticipating needs, changes, evolutions of the market and society, keeping up with trends has always been, since the 1983 opening year of the first Superstudio, and then since 2000, the year of the opening of the Superstudio Più exhibition center, the line guide to the choices and projects of these two extraordinary places in the Tortona area, which have started the change of the whole district, transforming it into the district of fashion, design and creativity.

The idea of a “museum” format, in a contemporary and emotional sense, that enhances contents and culture, avant-garde and roots, thanks to the commitment of major international brands, has been a great success, imitated by many and also requested to abroad.

Today, faced with the fragmentation of production and self-production, the appeal of bio-architecture, the multiplication of producing countries, the increasingly young age of designers, of increasingly varied origins, the new unstoppable market created by e-commerce, strong is the instance of renewal, which moves without aprioristic snobberies on the path of the search for good design in all the world and in every field.

The sixth edition of Superstudio’s Temporary Museum for New Design was born on these new bases, extended to the two locations, Superstudio Più (via Tortona 27) and Superstudio 13 (via Bugatti 9 / via Forcella 13).